Meet the Artists

The Artists

Jessica Baxter

Actress/Singer, I am a Kansas City native/performer that has moved all the way out to Seattle this fall in search of new work and opportunities! Alumni of the University of Central Missouri, as well as the Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio in North Hollywood, CA.

Koa A. Tom

I am interested in the continuum between people & the rest of nature. I meld digital & analog photographic processes to augment my content & explore the medium of photography.



Ben Leiataua

Actor, Singer, Voice-over known for his work on Beta Test (2016), Shadow Walkers (2018) and Forbidden Power (2018). Recent works include the Short Films – Five Dollars, Passing, and STIGMA, along with voice-overs in Roots in Hops for Daunhauer Manufacturing and Visit Rainier for TRAVELTACOMA.COM promotional videos.


Vince Perry

Photographer + Videographer exploring all things that fuel my curiosity, but mainly focus on portrait, fashion, street, and travel photography.  As a videographer I direct/shoot music videos, cinematic sequences, and travel videos.



Patrick Toney

There is self-understanding in mark marking. By putting my hand to paper I begin to survey my mind and heart.  My process reflects my personality.  Child-like spontaneity meets sophisticated observation in order to see forms outside of myself.  I begin with fast gestures, uninhibited, capturing a bird’s-eye-view; lying down material, blocking out values, and crossing contours.  As the drawing continues I observe my thoughts and feelings related to my subject.  Slow, academic marks place me in a meditative state of joyful engagement.  This is a safe place for me to experience a range of emotions: from playful to painful. When the drawing ends, I have a record of my experience to analyze, share, and enjoy.

Eleanor Doughty

Eleanor is a freelance illustrator, painter, and urban sketcher who imbues realistic subject matter with character and significance. She can often be found sketching on the street or working at her studio at Common Area Maintenance in Belltown, Seattle, Clients include the Boston Globe, Hilton, Indiewalls, Marriott, Microsoft, Penguin/Random House, QFC, and VICE.



Danny Herter

I see the world as a plane of data and comparisons. I enjoy teaching myself new things. I can often be rather studious and take many notes, but usually for information on topics that would by many be seen as useless or a waste of time.  My works are each based on a single idea. A statistic, an anomaly, a coincidence, an event. I express this in a very specific way I see fit, that may or may not be obvious to someone else. Something suggestive. An impression or shadow. An outline.


Mia Huglin

Ceramic trompe l’oeil realism, geometric and surrealist acrylic painting, pencil charcoal and pastel drawing.

Diane Schneider

Oil painter, photographer, videographer and muralist.


Carin Wright

Amateur Photographer